Dr. Ar'neka Cooper, DC, MS, CCEP, GTS, ART

Doctor of Chiropractic, Co-Founder

Dr. Ar'neka was born and raised in North Carolina in a small town called Bogue. She was a multi-athlete playing softball, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and marching band. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University where she discovered her path towards Chiropractic. This journey led her to Marietta, GA where she attended Life University enrolling in the Doctorate and Masters Program. 3 months into the program she met her other half Ashley, and introduced her to chiropractic. At the completion, she worked with Life U as a Sports Chiropractor for their athletic department. At the end of that contract she was looking to move out of Georgia and believed that California was calling her name so, Ashley and her packed up their house, two dogs and drove across the country to live in California. Dr. Ar'neka is excited to bring mobile chiropractic to Northern California.


Ashley Cooper,  MSEB


Entertainment Business and Sports Management Masters, Co-Founder

Ashley is an east coast native who has loved athletics and helping people since she can remember.  Ashley played basketball on scholarship at Southern Wesleyan University where she found her calling for helping people.  After graduation she played semi professional basketball for 4 years and in that time is when she met Dr. Ar'neka and witnessed first hand the healing of chiropractic.  Ashley will be handling many of the back office operations, but will be at many of the events to greet you and help you through your journey.