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Helping moms in Sacramento get rid of their back pain so they can get back to doing all the things they love to do!


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Sacramento Chiropractic - Resilient Spine


The reset phase is all about decreasing pain/sensitivity and identifying the root cause of your problem. Start by decreasing triggers before correcting movement. When your body is in pain, recovery is minimal.

Sacramento Chiropractic - Resilient Spine


The restorative phase takes place when your sensitivity is reduced its time to build and focus on a creating a good movement foundation. Just because your pain is gone does not mean the progress stops. This is where the work begins!

Sacramento Chiropractic - Resilient Spine


Build resilience in your body! Beyond pain relief we focus on your body's function, mobility, strength and really building resilience in your body for everyday activities and to do all the things you love. 

"The key to success is a customized plan"


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Dr. Ar'neka is truly amazing! She's a wonderful human, and skilled practitioner. I left every appointment feeling better, and with a deeper understanding of my body. 

Jessica L.

I showed up to Dr. Ar’Neka’s space in pain.
I am a co-sleeping momma who’s 4y/o turns into gymnasts when she hit the REM stage of sleep and a 55lb 5y/o super cuddler that  becomes a backpack that adorns my back most nights.   I am also a cosmetic tattoo artist, which means ergonomics is nonexistent + hand movements that re repetitive….

After my first visit I knew visiting her would become a regular part of my care. She got to know me, my concerns and issues then assessed my movement.  She adjusted and massaged problem areas and sent me off with prescribed moments and stretches, to keep my pains away.

I went in anticipating just a bunch of “snap crackle pop”, that I’ve witnessed on IG and YouTube, but walked away feeling so much better AND wiser!


Dr. Ar'neka saved my hip flexor pain. I was dealing (unknowingly) with a hip flexor strain and was just waiting for it to start feeling better...wasn't working. After one visit with Dr. Ar'neka my hip felt so much better the next day and each day progressively got better. Not only did she work out that pain and send me home with a remedy to heal/prevent, she is also such a joy and full of laughs. Thanks Dr. Ar'neka!

Katie B.

My experience with Dr. Ar'neka was awesome! This was my first time visiting a Chiropractor and I'm so happy I chose Resilient Spine! She is very attentive, easy to talk to, and friendly! I can tell that she is very passionate and takes pride in helping her patients feel optimal health! After my appointment, I felt refreshed! The day after my visit, I felt relief and noticed the difference. I am looking forward to my next appointment. Highly recommend. 

Malika H. 

I've been seeing Dr. Ar'neka for almost two years and I found her after searching for a new chiropractor after my previous one had moved out of state. Dr. Ar'neka is perfect if you're tired of getting 10 minute adjustments 2-3 times per week and if you're committed to resolving your ailments through movements and visits with her. Personally I am double curve scoliosis patient with varied issues concerning pain and just being crooked. When we started it was great trying different methods that include chiropractics, soft tissue therapy, and physical therapy. With Dr. Ar'nekas movement plans and motivation I've been able to learn how to strengthen my muscles to alleviate my pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Additionally Dr. Ar'neka is an amazing human, she listens, laughs, and ensures she helps you with whatever is bothering you.

Sarah B.